Tribute to Winter

We’re going to be the FIRST to say this…saying goodbye to Old Man Winter is tough. Yes, it’s -15 without wind chill and uncovered skin is an easy target…BUT winter is LOTS OF FUN here.

There are sunny days where the reflection off the snow is blinding as you stomp through 20+ inches of snow on top of the lake. We have the thrill of fighting a fish as it jerks back and forth before coming up through a small hole in the ice. You can cut through the ice on skates until your feet ache and you have to sit down to rest and warm up –  only to rush back into the “fresh” air as quickly as you came inside. And that’s not all! There’s snowmobiling, cross country and downhill skiing, sledding, sleigh rides, campfires and the list goes on and on and on.

So winter, when you’re gone we’ll be MISSING you, glad we have a few more weeks (hopefully a month?) left!photo (55)


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