Josh & Erik

Jack-The-Horse Resort (formerly Camp Jack-The-Horse Resort) has been family owned and operated for nearly 60 years.

Our family’s history began with Warren & Madeline Youngdahl who left San Francisco, CA for the wilderness of Northern Minnesota, a charming resort of their very own and a place to call home with their daughter Linda. Over the years they modernized cabins (which had outhouses and no running water), guided fisherman in wooden boats, and tended to the day-to-day workings of the resort.

Linda and her husband Harold spent their summers working and playing at the  resort and today are the owners of Jack-The-Horse Resort. Their son Erik along with Harold, designed and built Peaceful Point Lake Home on JTH Lake. Their daughter Kristen & her husband Josh are managers at the resort and live at the lake year-round.

Josh & Kristen