Here’s what our guests say about their vacations at Jack-The-Horse Resort:

Jack The Horse Resort has been the favorite vacation destination of the Watson clan for 20 years. Four generations have descended on and taken over the resort with ages ranging from the 80’s to infants. Even teenagers, young adults and various family friends are anxious to join our extended family for all the fun that we have.

How exciting it is to see and hear a 3 or 4 year old catch a BIG fish.  We all love to swim in the lake even though the water may be so cold it takes your breath away.  But we get out, sit or play on the beach, warm up and then jump back in.

We look forward to and remember throughout the year the wonderful fishing, swimming, outstanding scenery, wild life (we even saw and photographed a huge moose in the lake), comfortable modern cabins, campfires, spectacular sunsets, peace and quiet and most of all our hosts and friends, Warren and Madeline (lovingly remembered), Linda and Harold, and Kristen, Josh and Erik.

Connell & Jo Ann Watson & family
(Milan, Illinois)

We are into the 4th generation that totally enjoy Jack-The-Horse. Great fishing, accommodations, bond fires by the lake, and hot apple cider.

Bob Risenhoover (Cave Creek, Arizona)

LOVE it!!! Completely serene, private and peaceful!!

Sarah McClure (Fargo, North Dakota) 

My family has fished Jack the Horse Lake for over 50 years and 5 generations. From early days I remember listening to stories connected with the lake of great fishing and great fish stories. Times shared there with Grandparents,  Parents, Brother & family, my Children and now my Grandchildren. There is something about Jack the Horse Lake and the resort that gets into a person, a feeling of longing to be there when your away, and not wanting to leave while your there. The Fishing has always been great, the Stadstads and the Huots offer a wonderful resort experience. It’s like coming home when we go to Camp Jack The Horse Resort & Jack the Horse Lake.

Dan & Carelie Rabenhorst (Eagle Bend, Minnesota)

Jack the Horse Resort?  Shhh.  It’s a secret.  I don’t want to say a good thing about JTH, so you won’t even think of going there.  I won’t tell you how peaceful it is, or that you catch a lot of fish, even when you don’t know how to fish, Or that Kristen and Josh are the nicest people in the world, Or that it’s a quiet get away… a place to read and paint. And that the people who go there are so nice, too, and helped me learn to clean fish in the fish house…or that Josh showed me how to drive a boat.   Because if I tell you this, you might come, too. So if you do, just keep it our little secret, OK? It’s awesome.
Sharon (Saint Paul, Minnesota)

I have been to just about every corner of Minnesota, and this camp is my favorite place of them all! I am a frequent visitor (having been going here for, oh…8 or 9 years) and the lake is always quiet and inviting, not to mention right outside the cabin windows! We spend most of our time fishing, bird watching, canoeing, swimming and relaxing on the water. The cabins are always clean and well kept, and the staff is always smiling and helpful. My husband and I can’t wait to be back!

The Taucks (Bozeman, Montana)

If you enjoy fishing and this spot doesn’t satisfy you, then you may just want to consider taking up golf or jogging or knitting, as the whole fishing thing probably just ain’t for you… Great people, great cabins, great fishing!

Joe DiPietro (Georgia)

I just wanted to say thank for the wonderful Anniversary weekend this past weekend!  My wife and I were so impressed with your resort.  The Lakeview Cabin was clean, comfortable and had everything we needed for a weekend at the Cabin.  We also appreciated the Champagne and chocolate, what a nice surprise and a great touch for our special weekend! I just wanted to say thank you again, and we look forward to visiting again and often.  We feel it is a place we can bring our family to in the future and have a great northern Minnesota lake and cabin experience!  Thanks again for the hospitality!

Brad and Laura Smith (Minneapolis, MN)