Turtle Soup

It’s turtle time in northern Minnesota again! Painted and Snapping are both laying their eggs in plain sight. Besides digging holes on the road for their eggs, you’ll see them basking in the sun on a fallen tree and surfacing from a swim while you flip a lure out on Jack The Horse Lake.

Painted turtles are fun to watch and adorable while snapping turtles get a bad rap because well… they’re ugly. Plus as the legend goes, “when snappers bite, they never let go”. While it’s true that they’ll bite, it’s not likely unless they’re threatened. It’s advised not to provoke them or try and move them even if they’re in danger. A note to vacationers, fish are a regular part of a snapping turtle diet so a stringer of fish left overnight is fair game!

Ever tried snapping turtle soup? Try it at the Deer River Wild Rice Festival in July! For more info click here: Wild Rice Festival 

Minnesota Snapping Turtle Laying EggsPainted Turtle at Lake

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