Northern Minnesota’s Jack-The-Horse Resort

**New** Year-Round Vacation Cabin! Aspen Lakeside Log Cabin is available NOW thru March ’22! $149-225/NT or $925/WK

The perfect Minnesota resort has a relaxed atmosphere, warm & friendly hospitality, and charming cabins hugging the shores of a brilliant blue lake. Cabins are quaint & comfy, private & peaceful. There’s always a slight breeze off the lake, the air smells fresh with pine trees, and when you walk through your cabin door, you instantly feel relaxed.

We want to be your escape into the extraordinary – a place where you can enjoy the best things in life. Sip your morning coffee on your very own lakeside deck, soak up the sun on a quiet sandy beach, paddle through calm waters and enjoy the beauty of nature and wildlife, put your feet up in a hammock and breathe the fresh air, boat through crisp blue waters and catch your fish dinner, relax at sunset with your favorite happy hour drink, roast smore’s over the campfire, watch the starry sky away from city lights, and snuggle in at night to the call of the loons.

At Jack The Horse Resort you can relax, refresh, and reconnect with the people you love & experience the outdoor adventures you’ve been longing for.

**SPECIALS & Hot Deals!**

  • ASPEN CABIN – Vacations now thru March ’22! $149/NT (Sun-Thu) $225/NT (Fri, Sat) *2 night min or $925/WEEK (inquire for holiday rates) 
  • First Time at JTH Resort? Take $25 OFF a 1 week vacation or $15 OFF a 3 or more night vacation! (Can’t be combined with other special rates)
  • REFER-A-FRIEND for $50 off! Refer a new guest & when they book a cabin for 1 week, you receive $50 off your 1 week stay!
  • Is it your Honeymoon or Anniversary? 💗 Let us know & you’ll receive a complimentary bottle of champagne & chocolates in your cabin!

Take advantage of these specials & Contact Us today! Specials apply to new reservations


“There is something about Jack the Horse Lake and the resort that gets into a person, a feeling of longing to be there when you’re away, and not wanting to leave while you’re there.”

-Dan & Carelie Rabenhorst

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The Legend of Jack-the-Horse Lake

loggersIn the days when logging was the principal occupation in these woods, the trees standing about this lake were to be logged off. Working in the crew located on this tract of timber was one powerful lumberman named Jack. According to tradition, in the struggle to get the last load of logs into camp before darkness fell on a wintery day, one of the horses hauling the sled gave out. Judging it was useless with no help near and dusk fast deepening, Jack loosened the harness and left the horse to its fate. Then, how to get the load into camp? At this point, the Herculean Jack stepped into the traces which had been occupied by the fallen horse and arranged the harness so that he might pull that side of the load. Thus, he proceeded into camp amid the shouts of his comrades.  From that time forth, the man was known as Jack The Horse and the lake was named in his honor.

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