Resort Rules/Guidelines

To ensure an enjoyable vacation for all resort guests, please take a moment to read the Jack-The-Horse Resort Guidelines below. Thank you!                                                           

Prior to Departure: Before check-out, please remember to dispose of all trash at garbage dumpster, wash and put away all dishes, and return any items taken from the office. Guests are not required to stop at the office to check-out, but please remember to leave your cabin key inside the cabin. 

Garbage: Guests are responsible for disposing of all garbage & outdoor litter. There is a large dumpster for garbage and 2 recycle bins located across from the fish cleaning house. If you’d like to recycle, items must be in tied/closed bags for disposal in recycle bins or they will not be picked up.  Recycle bins are designated for (plastic) or (cans).

No Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in cabins – tobacco products may be smoked outside. No other smoking substances are allowed at any time. Do not litter cigarette butts. 

No Hunting or Shooting: Hunting and/or shooting are not allowed at any time on Jack The Horse Resort property or surrounding private property. Jack The Horse Resort Road & Peaceful Point Road are private roads and may not be used to access public land. Out of courtesy to resort guests and neighbors on the lake, we do not allow resort guests to hunt or shoot on or around Jack The Horse Lake (including public land) at any time.

No Pets: Pets are not allowed on resort property or inside the cabins at any time.

Fish Cleaning: There is a fish cleaning house and instructions for disposal of fish remains in the fish house.

Boating Docks & Hammocks: Each cabin has a designated private dock and hammock – please only use yours. The large main dock at the beach may be used by all resort guests. Caution: Docks & paths are slippery when wet.

Parking: Please park vehicles & boat trailers in your cabin’s designated parking place. If additional parking is needed, please contact resort management.  Parking is not allowed on resort property before your check-in or after check-out.

Visitors: Only registered guests are allowed on resort property. Please contact management for approval of visitors. Additional costs apply for day or night visitors and cabin’s maximum occupancy must be adhered to at all times (visitors included).

Noise: Due to the peaceful nature of our resort, please be considerate of other guests. Your music should not be heard by other resort guests.

Fireworks: Fireworks are not allowed at any time.

ATV’s: We do not allow ATV use on resort property or surrounding private roads & property.

Daily Boat/Pontoon Rental: Daily rentals are from 10 AM-9 PM. Boats may not be out after dark. Please contact management 1 day prior to rental for daily rentals.

Boating: Guests bringing their own boat, must have it inspected by management before putting it in Jack The Horse Lake. If your boat is going to other lakes, it must be inspected each time it’s put into JTHL. Please be courteous on the lake. Also, please keep in mind that according to MN boating regulations – it is against the law to operate watercraft so that its wash or wake endangers, harasses or interferes with any person or property. It is within your rights to notify someone if they are interfering with you or your property. Jack-The-Horse Resort does not allow resort guests to jet ski, water ski, tube, etc. on Jack The Horse Lake.

Campfire: There is 1 campfire pit for resort guests located at the beach. Complimentary wood can be used from the shed near the One Way sign. Campfires should be attended at all times and extinguished with water after each use. Please extinguish campfire by 12 AM.

Grilling: Each cabin has a grill. Please only use charcoal in it – no campfires or wood fires. Caution: Decks are slippery when wet.

Life Jackets: Life jackets are located in the office. Minnesota law states that a readily accessible and wearable life jacket (boat cushions do not count) is required for each person on board – this includes paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, etc. Children under 10 years old are required to wear a life jacket. We recommend wearing a life jacket at all times when on or near the water. Please refer to the current MN State Boating Guide for all up to date rules. Please return life jackets to the office before check-out.

Motor Mix: Please contact us for additional motor mix – using your own will damage motors.

Canoe/Paddle Boat/SUP Paddle Boards/Kayaks: These items are free of charge and located at the beach. Paddles are in the boat house next to the beach. Please use items for up to 2 hours at a time and return to the beach for other guests to use. You may take out these items multiple times per day. Life jackets are required for these items.

Beach: We do not have a lifeguard on duty – swim at your own risk. Please do not swim alone. Please pick up any personal belongings from the beach daily.

Tents/RVs: We do not allow tents of any kind, RVs of any kind, or camping on or around the resort property.

Wifi: Wifi & password are available in the office.

Please contact us by using the office courtesy phone.

We hope you enjoy your vacation at Jack-The-Horse Resort!