Fish & Hunt

🐟 FISHING 🐟 Each Resort Cabin Has Its Own Private Dock!

Watercraft Options For Resort Guests: *Rent Watercraft Items -Pontoon, Fishing Boat With Motor, Trolling Motor, (For Your Own Use Only -Kayak, Canoe, Stand Up Paddle Board) Watercraft Rentals & Rates Click Here *Use Our Free Watercraft Items -Kayak, Stand Up Paddle Board, Canoe, Paddle Boat *Bring Your Own Boat -No charge to launch for resort guests. Please see Inspection & Transport Info below ✅

Inspection & Transport Info: All non-resort boats & trailers must be inspected by resort staff before launching into Jack The Horse Lake. Guests must comply with the following rules for safe transport: (1) Plug must be open during transport and during inspection (2) Boat & trailer must be free of weeds, invasive species, etc. (3) All water must be drained from boat bilge, live wells, bait containers, etc. (4) Bait cannot be transported from one lake to another. **Thanks for your cooperation**

**We are the North-Central Zone of Minnesota** Fishing License Info Click Here / Fishing Seasons Click Here Fishing Regulations Click Here

🦌 HUNTING 🦌 Public land offers opportunities to hunt grouse, duck, deer, bear & more! Resort guests are not allowed to hunt or shoot on resort property, private property or use private roads to access public land.

Shooting Ranges: Bigfork Outdoor Range (~15 min drive) Itasca Gun Club Indoor/Outdoor Range (~40 min drive) Click Here for more info

Hunting License Info Click Here / Hunting Seasons Click Here / Hunting Regulations & Maps Click Here